Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little owlies for a little peanut

A good friend of mine asked me to create some art for her gender-neutral nursery. We decided on an owl theme (you know I love owls!), and these are the little prints I threw together for her to fit in Ikea frames she already had. The lil peanut is due is a few weeks, hopefully he/she likes them!

And this is the invitation I made for the baby shower:

 {With my busy month, I didn't really have time to be uber creative, and therefore can't take credit for the prints. As you can see I was very much inspired by Lee Arthaus}


  1. These are amazing! I might have to draw from your talents for our nursery, too! :)

  2. what program do u use to make those pictures ? they are the cutest ever!! i am trying to create my son's 2nd birthday invitations and would LOVE to use my own original images that i've created..would love some advice!

  3. Hi Lindsey- I use Adobe Illustrator- part of the Adobe Creative Suite ;)